One way or another

Have you ever wonder how one decision can completely change your life? Just one moment and your life could turn upside down. But I often wonder do we really know what is the right or wrong choice? Or if the next decision will lead us to something better or worse?

I’m a type of person, who always had difficulties to make a decision, based on previous experiences. But as the time passed by it turned out to be exactly what I needed to learn. And from this point of view I honestly believe there are no wrong or right choices, they are just choices. Yes, every choice has certain consequences. But what is important is how you see them. As positive or negative. Every choice you make helps you discover a new layer of yourself. And life will constantly gave you opportunities that will help you grow and change you in a person you are meant to be.

The most important thing, which I’m still learning is how I see myself. For a long time I didn’t know how to love myself, I had a really bad self-esteem, always putting myself down. And guess where did this took me, nowhere. So this is what I’m working on right now. Trust in myself. Trust in the process of becoming a person I want to be. I’m trying to manifest what I desire and in the process calming my mind. I’m listening to my feelings and based on that I make a decision. I choose what is the best for me.

I’m not saying there doesn’t come a moment when I doubt myself. I think we all do. Mostly because we are afraid of the unknown and because we want it to happen now. But what we often forget about is the moments in between. That’s what matters. The small steps. And it’s nothing wrong if others don’t understand your journey, they don’t need to. Because it’s yours. As long as you’re listening to your inner voice, not what others are trying to convince you into, you are on the right way. Just make sure you are the one who is writing the story. 😉





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